O.M.G. Scrunchie Club is an all-handcrafted hair and accessory online boutique located in the United States. The company was founded by LaMeEl, who herself in the 90’s was a huge scrunchie fan. Al little bit about me from present to past, I know. I know most people start from the past to present. I am a wife and mother to 4 amazing kids 2 daughters and 2 sons.


As a I was the middle child sandwiched right in the middle of 2 brothers. I think to my mom I was a little doll, and I grew up wearing hair bows and accessories everywhere. As a little girl I vowed to never make my own daughters wear hair accessories when I had them. Well, when we found out I was pregnant with our first daughter in 2006 I immediately began making hair bows for her before she was born. At that time, I stated making hair bows for friends and family and from that I started a hair bow and hair accessory business. I sold all types of hair accessories including scrunchies.

Now that scrunchies seem to be back by popular demand I thought why not make my scrunchies even cooler. In my mind I was like “Oh My Gosh Scrunchies” are back, thus I renamed my new scrunchies O.M.G. Scrunchies. At O.M.G. Scrunchie Club I treat all my customers as family.


All my life I have been an artsy and crafty person. I even teach art classes online to wonderful little children. I really enjoy being creative and sharing my talents and passions with others.


I hope that you enjoy wearing my scrunchies as much as I enjoyed making them for you.